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In Mexico, our story goes back more than 50 years – and we've touched millions of lives in the process. At two of the country's largest and most respected educational institutions, Universidad del Valle de México and Universidad Tecnológica de México, Laureate has empowered generations of students and alumni across every field you can imagine, from dentistry to design. And in the process, our community has repeatedly been recognized as a leader in social responsibility, sustainability, and opportunity.

UVM's business accelerator recognized as top five in the world by UBI Global
UNITEC has been recognized as a socially responsible company by CEMEFI for 14 straight years
More than 1,200 entrepreneurs were supported by UNITEC's network of incubators in 2022

Universidad del Valle de México

For over sixty years, Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) has been shaping futures across Mexico and beyond. Today, with more than 110,000 students across over 20 diverse campuses, UVM is succeeding in its mission like never before.

UVM offers high school, bachelor, and masters level studies across more than 180 programs – ranging from medicine to law and from architecture to to finance. Altogether, UVM is the largest private university in Mexico.

This success is partly due to an innovative educational model known as Certeza, which is rooted in a 360° view of the student. More than 11,000 distinguished faculty members guide students in the classroom, and then that curriculum is paired with specialized programs, certifications, internships, and simulations that deliver practical experience in the field.

The result is a one-of-a-kind student experience that balances academics, student life, sports, and professional preparedness – and a university that is making a difference far beyond its campus.

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Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC)

With a rich history spanning over 55 years and a student population over 125,000, the Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC) uniquely merges science, technology, and humanistic values – and encourages a mindset of lifelong learning, a culture of effort, and a spirit of self-improvement.

To broaden opportunities for professional development, UNITEC provides a range of flexible learning models. At ten campuses across the country, traditional in-person education is available for those who value the campus experience. Beyond that reach, executive learning models are offered for students with professional obligations, and online programs further unlock quality education for students everywhere.

The impact of these diversified learning models is tangible: approximately 50% of UNITEC students are working adults. This balance empowers students of all stripes, and prepares them to navigate the challenges of the professional world upon graduation.

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Across 19 campuses and 200,000 students, Laureate is making a difference in Peru with a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and specialized degree programs. Learn more about our footprint and impact in one of South America's most vibrant economies.
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“Studying for a university degree has allowed me to find a new purpose and see the world with a different vision.”
Mitzi Vázquez
Bachelor of Physical Therapy graduate and Management of Health Organizations Masters student, UNITEC
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