Our vision is to improve the lives of students and communities.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality education to prepare students for successful careers and lifelong achievement. Our institutions across Mexico and Peru are making education more accessible, and equipping students with relevant skills in the current and future workforce.


Our five institutions are among the largest and most respected in Mexico and Peru, offering campus-based and digital learning. They provide a diverse range of programs, from undergraduate, postgraduate, and specialized courses to technical and vocational training, as well as senior high school.

Our Impact in Motion

Today, our institutions are contributing to a more prosperous future through their commitment to academic quality and innovation, developing initiatives to offer free and low-cost services to vulnerable communities, and creating innovative products that contribute to improving the lives of the communities they serve while protecting the environment.

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Academic Excellence in our Institutions


Our team of leaders comprises educators and executives with extensive experience in academia and business, having worked in prominent companies.

“I firmly believe education leads women to more and better job opportunities, enabling our personal and professional growth and helping to broaden our vision.”

Mitzi Vásquez Laureate graduate and master’s student

CEO Eilif Serck-Hanssen

“Laureate has always been a purpose-driven organization, focused on improving lives and shaping a better world. This commitment is evident as our institutions in Mexico and Peru continue to make significant contributions to their communities and society at large.”

Eilif Serck-Hanssen

President and Chief Executive Officer

Laureate Education, Inc.