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Dedicated to Building a Better World

Laureate Education has sparked change in Mexico and Peru through its unwavering dedication to innovation, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. With a laser focus on empowering both students and faculty, Laureate institutions have emerged as dynamic hubs of transformation.

The impact of Laureate's commitment to top-tier education is tangible, touching the lives of over 440,000 students – and millions of alumni, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders. Through cutting-edge campus-based and digital learning programs, students are not just educated but equipped to lead careers informed by a profound sense of social responsibility.

This influence goes far beyond the confines of the classroom. Across our network, students and faculty are actively spearheading initiatives that benefit society, from innovative projects to impactful community outreach endeavors. Their stories of dedication and unwavering commitment serve as beacons of inspiration for others.

Furthermore, Laureate's staunch dedication to environmental sustainability is evident in its tireless efforts to promote eco-friendly practices and stewardship. By instilling a culture of environmental consciousness, Laureate is actively contributing to the creation of a brighter, greener future for all.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Laureate sets the standard for accountability and transparency, ensuring that our mission of delivering accessible, high-quality education is not just a goal but the reality. For over two decades, Laureate has been at the forefront of revolutionizing lives through education, igniting a sense of pride, trust, and respect in the communities we serve. And we are just getting started.

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2023 Impact Highlights

$426 million
provided in scholarships and discounts to students in Mexico and Peru
free or low-cost medical and dental services provided by our local health clinics
1.05 million
student volunteer service hours in local communities across our network
free or low-cost veterinary services provided in campus clinics
Over 40%
of Laureate students are first-generation college students
“Our ESG-focused activities translate into a positive impact on the lives of our students, employees, and communities.”
Linda Nava
Director of Social Responsibility, Laureate Mexico

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With nearly half a million students, dozens of campuses, and decades of success, Laureate is in the business of changing lives through education in the communities we call home.
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