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UVM Students Connect Their Community to Cultural Experiences

On the Veracruz campus of the Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), student leaders are finding ways to connect their peers and other community members to cultural experiences that shape their educational experiences and broaden their perspective. Recently, five students from UVM Veracruz, Lasso Arbulu, Ariadna Luna Jiménez, Violeta Portilla Dominguez, Tamara González Ortega, and Mario Ordoñez Santillan, organized an event called “Our Roots” that brought together indigenous groups, traditional dancers and musicians, and cultural organizations to share and collaborate. More than 3,000 students attended, and the event was livestreamed to Laureate institutions in Brazil, Peru, and Turkey.

“Internationality is a key part of the Laureate network, and we try to impart that to our students,” said Lucy Rodriguez, Director of the International Office at UVM Veracruz. The event’s goal was to help make connections between all participants and facilitate learning and sharing about cultures and traditions. The organizing committee was made up of students who are part of the Laureate Student Ambassadors program, a global group of Laureate students who collaborate together and learn about the student experience at various Laureate institutions.

“At UVM, we strengthen students and teachers by engaging in experiences,” Rodriguez said. “ We promote taking part in international programs to develop professional skills that will add value to society. This inspires us to act as citizens of the world.”