UVM Students and Alumni Win First Prize in Social Service Competition - Laureate

UVM Students and Alumni Win First Prize in Social Service Competition

Two projects developed by Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) alumni won first prize in the “Social Service for the Millennial Generation: Facing the Challenges of the Sustainable Development Objectives” competition, organized by the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES).The purpose of the contest was to recognize the work and contributions of graduate and undergraduate students who participated in social service programs during the last year. 

The first winning project was the short film Un Cuento de Hadas (A Fairy Tale), filmed and produced by David Enrique García, Juan Cerda Gómez, and María Guadalupe Rincón, Marketing students at UVM Campus Coyoacán.The short film was a created as a social service project for the Mexican Association for Children with Cancer (AMANC).The purpose of the film was to raise awareness for children and teenagers battling the illness. 

The script was developed by David García Enrique and produced by the Media Films production company; with a special participation by renowned Disney film voice-over actor Francisco Colmenero who served as the film’s narrator.The group were able to convince the production company, actors, and makeup artists to donate their time and resources for this noble cause. 

Also awarded first prize in the competition was Santiago Méndez Moreno, a UVM Campus Hispano Mechatronic Engineering alumni who designed an orthotic brace that aids in the treatment of muscular hypertrophy in patients who suffer cerebral palsy.His project was presented to the Association for People with Cerebral Palsy (APAC).