UVM Mexico Students & Faculty Lead Research At UVM’s Center for Public Opinion

Founded in February 2012, the UVM Mexico Center for Public Opinion was created to carry out applied research through the academic work of UVM’s students and faculty. The work of the Center leverages the scale of UVM in Mexico, with over 120,000 students and 9,000 faculty members on campuses in 22 Mexican states. This is the first initiative of this kind led by a private higher education institution in Mexico.

The Center’s projects focus on conducting public opinion studies on topics that are relevant to students, faculty, media, and society such as the use of water, patriotism and Mexican youth, healthy lifestyles, sustainable environmental practices, and more. The Center applies both quantitative and qualitative methodologies in its research. Under the careful supervision of expert faculty researchers, field work is done by students who obtain valuable hands-on research experience.

Due to the relevance of the studies across different industries, it has helped position UVM as one of the leading public opinion research institutions and strengthen UVM’s position with the country’s top employers. This is a Best Practice in the Laureate global network about which other institutions and markets will want to learn.

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