UVM Chile Awarded Social Innovation Grant from the Chilean Ministry of Education

Last week, Universidad Viña del Mar (UVM) became the only private institution in Chile to be awarded a major grant by the Ministry of Education, with the support of the Chilean government. The grant will allow the university to strengthen its educational programs, community outreach and corporate social responsibility initiatives in the Valparaíso region.

The grant, worth $2 million, will last 36 months and will go towards the creation of a regional social inclusion center. The center will focus on creating working relationships with other successful international centers to develop a social outreach model and social inclusion index. In addition, a new master’s program will be launched at UVM, allowing for new research opportunities, training, seminars and partnerships with other international universities. 

The grant reflects the confidence that the Chilean Ministry of Education has in UVM, and recognizes the institution’s ability to lead a pioneering initiative, which will start in 2015 and will strategically address the needs of the Forestal and Nogales communities, socially vulnerable areas of the Valparaíso and Quillota.

Dr. Juan Pablo Prieto, rector of UVM, said of the grant, “A research and social innovation center will be created, where a group of researchers will work to develop new areas of insight, strategies, and international models of management. In addition, social innovation will be incorporated into the training process for related undergraduate courses, diplomas, and master’s degrees.”

Dr. Prieto explained that eight strategic partners would collaborate with UVM in the implementation of various intervention programs: the regional government of Valparaíso, AngloAmerican, Fundación La Semilla, the Techo Foundation (Chile), Avanza, Women Leaders Corporation, and the municipalities of Nogales and Viña del Mar.