UVM Campus Coyoacán Inaugurates Animal Shelter and Blood Bank in Mexico

Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) recently inaugurated a shelter medicine center for animals living in the streets and a blood bank for cats, dogs, and horses within its Veterinary Hospital in the Coyoacán Campus. The new facilities provide students a significant opportunity to develop their skills in a real-life setting, while faculty benefit from an enhanced teaching environment and extensive research opportunities.

The new facility contributes directly to UVM’s ongoing Shelter Medicine project which provides permanent basic care to cats and dogs living in the streets, as well as free sterilization, vaccination against rabies and distemper-parvo to a population of 550 cats and dogs living in the streets or with owners who cannot afford medical care.

The new facility also hosts a lobby and waiting room, consultation clinic, physical therapy space, surgery preparation area, and an operating room with four surgery tables. Every animal taken to the facility receives medical attention by specialized faculty, alumni, and students of the UVM Veterinary Medicine program.

The new blood bank facility is one-of-a-kind in any teaching hospital Mexico and provides testing of blood samples for dogs, cats, and horses as well as storage of blood units for transfusion to other animals.  Third-party clinics and individuals will also be able to request the services of the UVM Blood Bank.

The facility will be operated by students and alumni, becoming a space for learning as well as serving the animal population and their owners.