UVM Alumni Develops Online Platform to Locate Missing Migrants - Laureate

UVM Alumni Develops Online Platform to Locate Missing Migrants

Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) Campus Puebla alumni Alfredo Saucedo Muñoz teamed up with his brother, José Luis Muñoz, and a friend, Alfonso Chavez, to create Frontera Libre, an online platform that helps locate missing migrants in their journey to reach the United States.

The idea for Frontera Libre came from the difficult situations migrants and their families face when they get lost or disappear trying to reach the U.S.-Mexico border. “Migrants often suffer hardship, are victims of mistreatment and abuse; they hardly receive any medical and psychological attention, some even die,” said Saucedo Muñoz.

Saucedo Muñoz explained that once migrants reach any of the four temporary shelters affiliated with Frontera Libre, their entry is recorded and their photograph taken. As the migrants continue their travel toward the U.S., when they stop at one of the temporary shelters associated with Frontera Libre, their data and previous locations are recorded. Through this data, their families are able to stay updated about the route they have followed, their last known whereabouts, and where they are going next. Migrants are also asked to provide a family member’s email address to create a username and password which gives them access to the platform. Having access to the platform allows family members to track their loved ones route through a computer or smartphone.

To help family members locate missing migrants, Frontera Libre uses the 404 error pages of affiliated websites as a means of communication. If a user of an affiliated website encounters a 404 page, the user will also see pictures and a physical description of missing migrants along with their last known whereabouts. Family members of missing migrants can also record a message on the 404 page.

“Lost migrants have the right to be found, and we must help them. Their families have the right to know where they are to provide assistance and reunite with them, which is the mission of Frontera Libre,”

said Saucedo Muñoz.

Alfredo Saucedo Muñoz is graduate of the Master’s in Business Administration at UVM Campus Puebla.