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UPN Graduate Develops App to Help Keep Community Safe

A Universidad Privada del Norte graduate has created a mobile app that helps users identify businesses that are following strict COVID-19 biosafety standards in his home city of Cajamarca in Peru. Kenny Uriarte’s app aims to reduce the risk of customers’ exposure to the contagion.

The Computer Systems Engineering graduate designed the app, Daneti, to include maps where users determine their location in real time and identify nearby businesses that are following stringent COVID-19 guidelines.

Information is provided on the type of business, the products or services offered, and hours of operation. Businesses listed in the app include warehouses, shops, pharmacies, veterinarians, agents, minimarkets and wholesalers.

“I started by taking a short survey of what the person in charge of the family needs to know in order to do the home shopping,” Kenny said.

“Then I prototyped what the views of the application would be like. I started programming the app and at the same time, I registered the potential businesses that wanted to be part of Daneti.”

Businesses can register for inclusion on the app via the Daneti Facebook page, and their information is then verified by Kenny for legitimacy.

Kenny, who was a member of UPN’s Student Leaders Program, Continuous Improvement Program and an Accreditation Committee at the Cajamarca campus, was keen to make a positive impact in his local community during the pandemic. He is another great example of a Laureate Hero.