UPC Students Shine at Harvard's National Model United Nations Latin America Conference - Laureate

UPC Students Shine at Harvard’s National Model United Nations Latin America Conference

A group of students from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) triumphed in the sixth edition of Harvard’s National Model United Nations Latin America 2017 Conference (Harvard NMUN LA). In this new edition, UPC students obtained six prizes thanks to their outstanding participation in nine committees, representing the country of Japan, and in a historical committee representing Serbia.

The objective of this conference is for students to develop their critical thinking and have the opportunity to experience negotiation and international diplomacy challenges. The meeting promotes debates on current political, social, cultural, and humanitarian issues, simulating the activities carried out at a General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

Over 300 students from Latin America and the United States participated, representing the different member countries of the United Nations. UPC was represented by the ten-student “UPC MUN” team, who studied and prepared for six months in negotiation, research, and diplomacy strategies.

UPC MUN received 20 awards in different national conferences during 2016. “We can say our students have reached their best-ever performance in world-class conferences. These results are the product of the commitment, effort, and valuable support they find in their professors,” said Germán Terán, a Business School faculty member at UPC and leader of the UPC MUN delegation.  

Camila León and Marco Curo, students from the Schools of Business and Economics at UPC, respectively, said that participating in this conference “had been one of their best experiences because it was a chance to debate with students from universities across the world and expand their international network.”

Through its students’ success, UPC demonstrates its commitment to providing quality education with a global vision, so that its students stand out not only in Peru, but around the world.