Universidade Potiguar's School of Communication Wins Most Awards at Intercom Nordeste - Laureate

Universidade Potiguar’s School of Communication Wins Most Awards at Intercom Nordeste

Universidade Potiguar’s School of Communication was again recognized as the top university from Rio Grande do Norte at the 17th Communication Sciences Conference (Intercom Nordeste) based on the six prizes won by their students. Universidad Potiguar (UnP) was fourth overall and came out on top of several leading public universities, including those from Paraíba, Pernambuco, Bahia, Alagoas and Rio Grande do Norte.

UnP had a total of 19 projects selected to participate in the Expcom, an exposition of experimental research in communication, the most of any private institution. This places the School of Communication among the best in the region, which is the result of the university’s efforts to provide students with access to the best resources and professors.

From the three projects presented in cinema, two were recognized with awards. Students Moniky Rodrigues and Dhara Ferraz received awards for fiction cinema and fiction script for the short film “Ília”, which tells the story of two sisters that are fighting a rare sickness. 

Students in the university’s public relations and advertising program won four different categories: promotional campaign, jingle, spot and poster. Student Tetsy Sampaio won the poster category with a design that focuses on increasing people’s awareness of the illegal trafficking of animals. “This award is much more than just an academic recognition. It shows I can reach my dreams if I work hard,” said the Sampaio.

The conference broke its participation record with more than 2,400 attendees from 29 institutions in the region. In addition to the regional conference, the first communications research meeting also occurred. The organizer of the event from UnP, Professor Doctor Manoel Pereira Neto, celebrated the success of the event, “Intercom Nordeste was a tremendous event, which had the full support of Universidade Potiguar and the entire sector. We could not be happier with the outcomes,” said Professor Manoel.