Universidade Potiguar’s Open University for Seniors Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

It’s never too late to earn new knowledge and for the last twenty years the Open University for Seniors, Universidade Aberta para a Terceira Idade (UnATI), an extension program offered by Universidade Potiguar, has proved it. Created in 1994, UnATI provides access to programs that blend theory and hands-on application of knowledge for people over the age of 40.

Thousands of Natal residents have benefited from the initiative, which gives them the opportunity to exercise their minds and bodies. The program recently opened enrollments for the first semester of 2015, which begins on February 23. 

This term, UnATI has openings in semester long programs in English, Spanish, dance, painting, design, information technology, memory, gymnastics, among many others, and provides students with access to social and cultural events held at UnP. According the Deneide Guedes, UnATI’s coordinator, “those who attend UnATI not only gain knowledge, but make new friends and discover new interests that can provide them with a closer connection to younger people.”