Universidade Potiguar wins big at Intercom 2014

Students from Universidade Potiguar (UnP) won five awards at the 2014 National Intercom competition. Three of the awards were won by students in the university’s film program and two were won by students in the advertising program, placing UnP’s School of Communication and Arts first among all higher education institutions in the north and northeast. 

“2014 is indeed a year of many accomplishments for UnP’s School of Communication and Arts. With our 20 years of experience educating professionals in this field, we are proud to have won five awards at the National Intercom, an event that brings together the leading names in communications research in the country and helps identify the best teaching practices to help prepare students for the labor market. That is one of the secrets of our success, blending theory with relevant hands on practice to develop the professionals of tomorrow,” said Valeria Credidio, director of the school. 

The National Intercom took place this year in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná and brought together the top teams from the regional levels of the competition. 

“Much more than all the joy, the awards this year brought us the assurance that we are on the right track. I say this because we won three awards in film, which is a pioneering course in our region, that UnP has believed in from the beginning. Earlier this year, the program received a 4 (of 5) from the Ministry of Education and now is recognized for the quality of the work of our students,” concluded Valeria. 

UnP also announced that in 2015 they will open a two year undergraduate program in audiovisual production technology that will prepare students for successful careers in this exciting field. The university also announced that it will host the regional levels of the Intercom 2015 at their campuses in Natal.