Universidade Potiguar Students are on Their Way to Santa Fe

The international office at Universidade Potiguar hosted a special event for the 26 students that won spots to attend the English Immersion program at Santa Fe University of Art & Design in New Mexico. During the gathering, students received guidance and instructions for the three weeks they will be studying English in the United States.

During their stay in the U.S., the students will live in student residences and will gain first-hand experience with local culture. The opportunity to participate in this special program was the result of the strong relationship between the two institutions. “This is another way that we can help our students differentiate themselves when they enter the workplace,” said André Lemos, director of UnP’s international office.

Marcus Peixoto, UnP’s president, spoke about the transformational experience these students will experience through studying in another country. “I also studied abroad. To have this opportunity, to experience a different culture and learn another language is something that will change your life forever. Globalization is here to stay and students need to be ready. I wish I would have had the opportunity to participate in a program like this,” he said.

Two of the 26 participating students are enrolled in graduate programs. Fernando Vasconcelos, a student in UnP’s executive MBA, said that participating in this was part of his plans. “I completed my undergraduate studies in law and now I see the real need to develop language skills. When I enrolled in the MBA program I was planning to study abroad. This is an opportunity to make that plan a reality,” he added.

Lael Fonseca is a student in international relations. For him, experiencing other cultures and realities are key for future success. “I am going to take advantage of this opportunity and after completing my program will spend an additional three weeks traveling in the United States. International experiences like this are truly priceless,” he said.

The program includes the courses, the student residences, meals and a certificate of completion. The students will be in the U.S. from July 10-31.