Universidade Potiguar Recognizes Participants in the 7th Pré-Consultores Program

There was a celebration at Universidade Potiguar’s Roberto Freire Campus back in mid-June, when the School of Business and Management recognized the top teams in the seventh Pré-Consultores program, which is sponsored by Universidade Potiguar in partnership with Sebrae. 

Created in 2011, the program brings together students from management, marketing, business management and human resources management programs to develop action plans for micro and small businesses. Since it was launched, more than 800 companies have received help from 4,755 participating students. Area entrepreneurs receive advice on appropriate management strategies that facilitate the sustainable development of their business. 

“The work you are doing here has already made you into better students, but it’s more than that. You will be better people after volunteering your time and energy through the Pré-Consultores program,” said Raniery Pimenta, director of the school of business and management.

Pré-Consultores is one of the projects run by UnP’s entrepreneurship center. For Professor Marcelo Bandiera, the center’s coordinator, the project shows that entrepreneurship is in UnP’s DNA. “This project invites all students to meet and participate in activities. Through courses and direct work throug the business incubator our students and alumni can further explore this entrepreneurial path,” said Bandiera.