Universidade Potiguar Recognized During the Sebrae Entrepreneurship Fair - Laureate

Universidade Potiguar Recognized During the Sebrae Entrepreneurship Fair

During the recent entrepreneurship fair, Sebrae recognized the winners of the 2014 University Entrepreneurship Challenge. Universidade Potiguar (UnP) received three certificates, one of them through UnP’s president Marcus Peixoto, for being the higher education institution with the largest number of students participating in the national event. 

UnP’s Gilberto Vale Junior, professor from the university’s business and management program, was recognized for having mentored the largest number of students in the competition in the entire state of Rio Grande do Norte (he ranked third overall in Brazil). Professors Jean Gleyson Farias and Lieda Amaral won, respectively, second and third place in the state ranking.

Juarez Almeida, a fourth semester student in UnP’s law program, was selected with two other students from the state of Rio Grande do Norte to attend the national competition. Juarez was the only student from a private insitution selected from the state to reach the nationals. UnP will also be represented by a student from the Brazilian state of Ceará at the national level of the competition. Leonário Gondim Azevedo, an engineering student, is from Ceará and in accordance with the rules of the challenge, may represent his home state in the competition. 

Among the various members of the university community who are responsible for these achievements is Professor Liêda Amaral, from UnP’s school of business and management, who has done extensive work preparing the students, in addition to promoting the competition and raising awareness about the importance of students participating in these types of competitions. “It was a real engagement of teachers from all the university’s schools,” says Liêda, adding that “these results show that entrepreneurship is part of UnP’s DNA “.

According to Marcus Peixoto, “We are very proud of these results. We strongly believe in entrepreneurship and it is a part of our institution’s DNA. UnP had the largest participation in the competition this year, ahead of any other university in Brazil. This shows the power of entrepreneurship in Rio Grande do Norte and at UnP.”