Universidade Potiguar Leads Top Natal for the Third Time - Laureate

Universidade Potiguar Leads Top Natal for the Third Time

Universidade Potiguar (UnP) is the most recognized higher education institution in Natal. This is the conclusion of the Top Natal survey, which recognizes the city’s most recognized brands. The university was recognized during a special ceremony on Nov. 12. 

The survey was conducted in the streets of Natal between June 12-22, 2015. Responders were asked, “When I ask you to name a higher education institution, what is the first institution that comes to your mind?” UnP was the most recognized, earning 43.8 percent of the responses. UFRN came in second with 36.5 percent of the responses. This is the third time that UnP has won this category of Top Natal.

UnP’s rector, Professor Sâmela Gomes, attributed the recognition to the maturation of the university over the last 35 years. For her, “Universidade Potiguar is differentiated because of its focus on innovating in the development of its students. The university has been built on a foundation of responsibility, creating teaching techniques that focus on student learning, who when well-developed, have success in the job force, which in turn earns the university more recognition from society.” 

This is the 14th time that the Top Natal survey has been conducted by the Consult Institute and the Tribuna do Norte newspaper. They collect responses from men and women over the age of 16 from throughout Natal.