Universidade Potiguar Hosts Their 16th Annual Science Conference

Science, philosophy and culture are part of Universidade Potiguar’s 16th Annual Science Conference which took place at the university’s Roberto Freire Campus from Oct. 8-10. The theme of the conference was “Science, Culture, Art and Philosophy: Integrating Knowledge for a Better World,” and included a number of cultural and academic workshops and presentations.

The conference opened on Oct. 8 with a keynote speech from Professor Clóvis de Barros Filho, a renowned specialist in communications, who delivers thought provoking presentations on a variety of themes related to the philosophy of communication. On Oct. 10, Beverly Watson, vice president of Laureate Network Products and Services, will deliver a speech on the importance of internationality for personal and professional success and provide information on the new products and services her group has created for members of the network, including virtual classrooms, Laureate Live Events, the Laureate English program, professional development courses, and international programs, among many others.

The 16th Annual Scientific Conference included a number of workshops and presentations on current events, like Ebola, new technologies, and entrepreneurship. The law and engineering schools hosted competitions for current and prospective students. The school of architecture hosted an exhibition of the work of Flávio de Carvalho. There were also audiovisual demonstrations and a filming of animation created by students from the students in the graphic design program.