Universidade Potiguar Hosts Second Annual Music Festival

The students, faculty and staff at Universidade Potiguar (UnP) are both smart and artistically gifted. In addition to their extensive work in the classroom, they have musical talent and were not afraid to show it during UnP’s second annual music festival, which took place on August 26-27 at the university’s Roberto Freire campus. Twenty artists from a variety of different musical genres participated in the event and competed in two separate categories, one focused on recognizing original work and the other focused on the best cover of previously released work. More than R$14,000 were awarded to the winners. 

In total, more than 80 groups signed up for the competition. Those selected performed in front of a technical jury, composed of renowned musicians and producers. In addition to the main competition award, the two-day event included a voting booth to allow the audience to select the best artist of each night. 

Rector Samela Gomes and President Marcus Peixoto announced the winners, after recognizing the great contributions and high level of performance from all competitors. “The work of the jury was made extremely difficult. The quality of the work presented was very high. The festival is a time for the entire university to come together and, without doubt, we note in this edition the tremendous talent of all the musicians. Next year we expect to have another great competition,” said Gomes.