Universidade Anhembi Morumbi Students Win Expocom Southeast 2014

The short video “Eyes Open”, produced by students Felipe Druda Brocardo and Rodrido Ferreira, both in the eighth semester of Universidade Anhembi Morumbi’s radio and TV degree program, was recognized at Expocom. Expocom was created by Intercom, the Brazilian Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Communication, which works to support advances in the field of communication. This year 64 projects from 58 higher education institutions participated in the competition.

“Eyes Open” is a surrealist view of the things one person, rapper Joe Sujera, sees and lives through in his own mind. He plays a number of different roles in his own waking dream. To bring the viewer into the scene, so they would feel like they were inside looking out, the scenes in the film were shot with different lighting to show the multi-faceted ways that things can be perceived and sometimes not fully understood.

For student Felipe Druda Brocardo, the recognition of his work as the best short video is a testament of the hard work he has put into his studies and a dream come true. He attributed the recognition to all those who have supported his work, including the professors of his program. “Winning the award confirms that I am on the right path and making progress in my professional field,” he said.

For Rodrigo Ferreira, the award is the result of a lot of work. “The award is a recognition of the efforts we have put into our individual and team projects and shows that with lots of work and dedication, one can achieve anything,” he added.

The team included Felipe Druda Brocardo, Rodrigo Ferreira, Desi Bueno, Gabriel Oller, Pedro Redel, Túlio Fernandes, Rafael Henrique, Yuka Akamine, Vinicius Maciel, Karen Rodriguez, supervised by Professor Leonardo Maciel and coordinator Renato Tavares. The short film also benefited from the participation of rapper Rodrigo D’ Angelo Ahmar (Joe Sujera).