Universidad Viña del Mar Will Lead International Project Focused on Making Higher Education More Accessible

Universidad de Viña del Mar (UVM) has been selected by the Erasmus Fund and the European Union(EU) to lead an international initiative that will seek to identify and create more opportunities for students who suffer from handicaps to participate in higher education. The initiative will receive more than one million euros from the EU.

The initiative will take place over the next three years and will be coordinated by UVM with the support of 11 higher education institutions from Europe and Latin America including: Universidad de Magallanes (Chile), Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (México), Universidad de Colima (México), Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina), Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina), Universidad de Alicante (España), Coventry University (Reino Unido), Universita di Bologna (Italia), Four Elements (Grecia) and Fundación Universia (España).

The project is highly aligned with UVM’s mission and a number of other projects (national and international) that the university is leading to support the involvement of students, professors and employees that suffer from handicaps. There were 515 applications for this support. UVM is one of only two universities in Latin America to be selected to lead one of the 140 projects that will be financed by the EU.

The goal of the project is to create more inclusive campuses for higher education institutions. This will include the creation of centers for student support and long-term strategies to support the access and success of those with different capacities. The initiative will also create a regional network to enhance inter-institutional relations and share best practices in promoting social equality.