Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas Hosts Third Annual Digital Learning Exchange in Peru

Earlier this year, the Laureate Global Digital Solutions team successfully facilitated Laureate’s third annual Digital Learning Exchange (DLX) best practices meeting at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) in Lima, Peru. Laureate online teams and learning experts from six countries across LATAM and the United States came together to exchange promising and proven digital teaching and learning solutions and practices.

This year’s core themes were digital course creation, student engagement, online retention, and faculty effectiveness in support of Laureate’s 25% hybridity goal.

Featured sessions included:

  • Panel Discussion: OneCampus® by Laureate Leadership: moderated by Wendy Colby.
  • First MOOC Experience at UNAB Online: Lessons and challenges of the implementation of the first MOOC at UNAB Online and how UNAB seeks to become a leader in online learning.
  • Technological Innovations to Improve the Student Experience: Technology and innovation as the key to a successful virtual classroom experience. The session focused on the possibilities of using AI to authenticate students and guide the learning process. This session was led by Raul Rivera, Francisco Pérez, and Ian Martínez.
  • Augmented Reality Applied to Learning: The Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) Lab at UEM leads development of learning resources based on virtual and augmented reality to develop a more experiential learning of the student. María Dolores Vivas and Sara Redondo explained the projects milestones, achievements, and challenges.

Click here for videos of the event’s sessions.