Universidad Europea Recognizes Jose Manuel Durão Barroso with Honorary Doctoral Degree

The academic leadership of Universidad Europea recognized Jose Manuel Durão Barroso, former prime minister of Portugal and former president of the European Commission, with an honorary doctoral degree for his work to promote education and his conviction and dedication to Europe. 

In his prepared remarks, Jose Manuel Durão Barroso offered his gratitude to the university for the recognition, saying, “This has a special meaning for me because I believe the university is essential for the idea of Europe.” 

Universidad Europea’s rector, Águeda Benito, highlighted Durão Barroso’s role in promoting education and the work he did to help create the European Higher Education Space, which gives the university a clear role in progress and development, as well as his work to create the European Research Council and the Institute of Research and Technology.

Jose Manuel Durão Barroso studied law at University of Lisbon and earned a Master in Political Science from the University of Geneva. He served as the sub-secretary in the Ministry of the Interior and Secretary of External Affairs before being named Prime Minister of Portugal in 2002, which he held till 2004 when he was unanimously elected president of the European Commission. He served as president of the commission until October 2014.