Universidad Europea Professor Recognized for Research in Nursing

Purificación González Villanueva, a professor in the department of nursing at the school of biomedical sciences and hHealth at Universidad Europea, was recognized for her work as author of a study titled, “Re-Constructing the Link: Eating Through a Tube.” Professor González Villanueva conducted the research through Hospital Niño Jesús, and was recognized with the prestigious San Juan de Dios de Enfermería award.

The focus of the research was to analyze how the parent/child relationship is affected when normal eating habits are interrupted and replaced by a feeding tube. It was based on research in the palliative care unit of the hospital. Professor González Villanueva’s work focused on understanding the impact on parents that losing the ability to feed their children had, which often causes complications and hinders their ability to adapt to the situation.

In addition to recognizing the work of Dr. González Villanueva, the work of the San José Institute was recognized for their study, “Focused on Ulcer Treatment.”