Universidad del Valle de México Team Wins Third Place in RoboCup Brasil 2014

A team of students from Universidad del Valle de México’s Toluca campus came in third in the global RoboCup 2014 Competition which took place in João Pessoa, Brazil. Student teams from Germany, Carologistics (FH Aachen Universidad) and BBUnits (TU Muenchen), won first and second place, respectively.

Brazil is not only the host of global sporting events like the recent World Cup and the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics, but also hosts a number of scientific and technological events and competitions. RoboCup is one of these events and brought together 2,500 students from more than 45 countries to test their knowledge and expertise in robotics and programming. 

“To earn third place in a global competition like RoboCup, which is sponsored by FESTO, required the students to use their creativity, knowledge and expertise with developing algorithms as well as teamwork and leveraging the guidance of their professors. Now, after earning these results, we can see first-hand the impact of our work that we do with our students every day. We are very proud to show that Mexico is at the forefront of robotics and competes with students from Germany and other countries from around the world,”

said Professor Juan Lebario.   

The student team included Alberto Vázquez Martínez, Liliana Villamar Gómez, Gustavo Guzmán Solís, and Lucero Castañeda Ramírez, who are enrolled in computer systems engineering and mechatronics engineering. They were accompanied by Professor Gonzalo Valdovinos Chacón and Professor Juan Lebario Menchaca.

UVM’s Vice Rector of Engineering, Dr. Eduardo García, added that the consistent participation of students and professors from Universidad del Valle de México in national and international competitions show the strength of the university’s programs.