Universidad del Valle de México Students Create Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Gels

Students in the eighth semester of the pharmaceutical bio-technology degree program at Universidad del Valle de México’s Chapultepec campus created three types of gels for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use, including an antibacterial gel that hydrates the skin. Though these were created in a university laboratory, they meet all the requirements for public use and provided the students with an important opportunity to use the skills they are developing in the classroom.

Antibacterial gels in their most basic form are as much as 70 percent alcohol, which enables them to be an effective sanitizer, but their use can provoke dry skin, so they also contain glycerin to hydrate. The creation of the gels is an important part of the learning process that provides students with hands on experience where they have to balance the different properties of different the elements they use to create new products.  It is also a great example of the work they will be doing in the field to develop and distribute products to support healthier lives.

The students that participated in this specific project include Perla Valdez, Arturo Villanueva, David Muñoz, Gabriela Hernández, Fernando Rivera and Alejandra Pérez; under the guidance and instruction of Professor Lucía Ramírez.