Universidad del Valle de México Student Wins AUDI Scholarship to Study in Germany

Juan Carlos Velasquez, an eighth semester industrial engineering student at Universidad del Valle de México Campus Puebla, has earned the opportunity to go to Germany to improve his knowledge and skills thanks to the “Mexican Students in Germany” scholarship program created by AUDI.

Juan Carlos’ experience will begin in August when he leaves for Germany, after finishing his studies at UVM Campus Puebla. German universities in Frankfurt am Main, Ingolstadt, Furtwangen, Offenburg, Dresden, and Clausthal, are participating in this new program. Juan Carlos thinks he’ll be headed to Clausthal, as their programs are most focused on industrial engineering.

The EMA Program provides Juan Carlos the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired at UVM Campus Puebla, as well as the opportunity to be part of the Audi family in Germany at the end of the training process.

Juan Carlos was selected from more than a thousand applications to reach the finals for this scholarship program and then passed a series of interviews and exams with more than 100 finalists to become one of 19 scholarship recipients. “To have been selected from over a thousand applications makes me feel very proud. I know the effort my parents and I have put into my education has finally provided results,” said the excited student.

Juan Carlos Velazquez began studying German language in late 2011, based on his interest in working for one of the German companies that are headquartered in the state of Puebla. “I’m excited to have obtained the opportunity to travel abroad and I feel ready for this experience because I had good instructors at UVM and excellent preparation from my family,” he said .

He explained that he has been encouraged since he was very young to work hard and exceed expectations. The example set by his two older brothers, who have already been educated abroad, fueled his interest in studying in Germany. Alfonso Velázquez and Martha Robledo, Juan Carlos’ parents, are proud that their child has earned this honor.