Universidad del Valle de Mexico Signs Agreement with IBM Mexico

Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) and IBM signed a new agreement to expand collaboration between one of Mexico’s leading universities and one of the world’s leading companies. The agreement was signed by Dr. Bernardo Gonzalez-Arechiga, UVM’s institutional rector and Salvador Martínez Vidal, president and general manager of IBM Mexico.

The agreement, which includes all of UVM’s 37 campuses, will focus on helping to support the development of the skills that students, professors and researchers need for professional success in the 21st century. The agreement will provide members of the university community with access to IBM’s broad portfolio of software solutions and a number of resources for academic purposes, created exclusively for them. 

This relationship will help UVM stay current with the latest technologies, such as big data and analytics, data management, business process management, application infrastructure, mobile development and security in the mobile administration, among many others.

“Mexico will grow with the engineers who graduate from its universities. We currently have a shortage of engineers and are lacking people in high demand areas of engineering. We need to attract talented professionals, who speak English, who are prepared to support the development of our country and the world, all with support from leading global companies like IBM,”

said Dr. Gonzalez-Arechiga.

IBM is a globally integrated company and is committed to developing and attracting talent by employing the best students from all academic disciplines. This is one of the company’s goals in reaching this new agreement with UVM.

With these programs, IBM will help students develop the skills that will prepare them for high impact careers and provide the intellectual capital demanded by the market. The university’s part will be to provide staff to help teachers and students capitalize on their best ideas and turn them into new businesses or social innovations with real benefits.

“Through this strategic alliance, initiatives that support academic, teaching and research programs will contribute to the creation of a smarter planet,”

said Martínez Vidal.