Universidad del Valle de México Professors Receive Support from CONACYT

For the third year in a row, the National Council of Science and Technology (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología – CONACYT) approved two programs developed by the Center for Innovation and Technological Development (Centro de Innovación y Desarrollo Tecnológico – CIDETEC) at Universidad del Valle de México’s Guadalajara Sur campus.

CONACYT provides financial support to projects that are focused on innovation and technology that are proposed by colleges and universities in Mexico. Each year they issue a call for research proposals that bridge industry and university, which are rigorously reviewed by the members of CONACYT. The leading projects that meet all criteria receive support. 

In 2014, two of the projects to earn government support were proposed by CIDETEC. “This year is important for us. We have been working for four years to bring the university and industry together. Each year we get closer and closer to showing what we are capable of doing in this area. These projects show the confidence that our corporate partners and the government have in us,” said Dr. Emmanuel López Neri, director of the center and a professor at UVM.

The projects this year will focus on social media and creating an educational platform that will support industrial activity. The students who will work on these projects through CIDETEC will come from UVM’s computer science and education programs. Students will have an excellent opportunity to leverage their skills and talents on an interdisciplinary project that will contribute to a brighter future for Mexico.