Universidad del Valle de México Professor Recognized by Governor of Chiapas

The governor of the state of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco Coello, recognized Professor Nein Farrera from Universidad del Valle de Mexico Campus Tuxtla with the 2014 State Merit in Recognition of Research Award.

Professor Farrera was recognized for his work in development and technological innovation as the head of the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Initiative of Chiapas, which is composed of professors from UNICACH and UVM Campus Tuxtla. The initiative has developed more than 30 projects related to renewable energy that support marginalized communities in Chiapas.

The commitment of Professor Farrera Nein and his team continues with their latest project, Renewable Energy Systems, which is an agreement with UNICACH, UNAM, UVM, and Universidad del ITSMO de Oaxaca that is funded by the Department of Energy and the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT). This project is unique because for the first time it will conduct national evaluations and certify renewable energy systems of various types. The systems being evaluated include bioenergy, wind, solar, thermal, photovoltaic and micro-hydro.

The project arises from the need to implement technologies that leverage existing sustainable renewable resources in underserved communities and to implement applicable technologies to study these resources under certain parameters and estimate their potential performance to support innovation and adaptation and technology transfers that can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The technologies developed will be installed in highly marginalized rural communities to support those in need, help these communities leverage the resources they possess, such as rivers, wind, solar and bioenergy, and contribute to the productive development of Chiapas.

Professor Farrera is the only researcher in the state of Chiapas that teaches at a private university to receive the award. He is a member of the National System of Researchers, belongs to the National Advisory Council on Sustainable Development SEMARNAT, and is a member of the Scientific and Technological Council of Chiapas as well as being a founding member of the Centre for Research and Technological Development in Renewable Energy, the Environmental Investigation Agency Group (GUIDE), Network of Ecological Gardens and is the President of the Civil Association for Energy and Sustainable Development.