Universidad del Valle de México Launches New Biomedicine Program

Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) introduced a new undergraduate degree program in biomedical engineering, which will aim to develop professionals with the skills and expertise to design and develop technologies to support the large and growing health care sector. Biomedical engineers bring together a firm foundation in health sciences knowledge as well as an understanding of engineering.

The course plan for the new degree program includes electronics, mechanics, computer sciences, biomedical design and health sciences. “This program will support a very specialized, but vital, part of the health sciences sector by infusing it with knowledge of engineering and technology to help improve the lives of patients,” said Dr. Eduardo de Jesús García, vice rector of engineering at UVM.

Graduates from the biomedical engineering degree program will be able to design prototypes of artificial organs, prosthetic devices, and medical facilities, among many other important activities, all with an understanding of the health and engineering disciplines needed in the design process. 

Students in the program have the option to complete a global business certificate from Walden University, one of the world’s leading online universities. The certificate helps students develop the key skills they will need for success in the global labor market. 

This new degree program will be available starting in August 2014 at UVM’s Coyoacán, Querétaro, Toluca, Zapopan and Lomas Verdes campuses.