Universidad del Valle de Mexico Hosts Event Focused on Reducing Crime

Azucena Sánchez Méndez, the subsecretary of crime prevention in Mexico City, participated in “Deciding on Security Together,” an event that was hosted by Universidad del Valle de México’s Coyoacán campus.

According to Sánchez Méndez, official statistics show that crime is decreasing in the district of Mexico City. “Fortunately, we have seen an increase in citizen participation, which is now at more than 17,000 people per month. These people are helping us to confront robberies, sexual harassment, and violence. We have groups working in schools to make our students safer and to address the problems created by crime,” said Sánchez Méndez.

Official monthly statistics show that the crime rate in the Federal District has declined by 17 percent. Sánchez Méndez noted this is also being reflected in the perception of Mexico City. “We are in the largest city in the world, which is very densely populated. Anything we can do to make people safer, we need to do,” she added. 

The rector of Universidad del Valle de México’s Coyoacán campus, Juan Carlos Herrera Ascencio, commented that, “Our young people need to see what it means to become part of the solution to public security issues, that the creation of a better tomorrow is everybody’s responsibility, not just that of our elected leaders.”

The event brought students together with members of the police through a number of sporting activities. Police representatives talked with students about some of the leading issues they face as members of the police and demonstrated several different programs that have been designed to help make the country safer for everyone.