Universidad Del Valle De México and Universidad Privada Del Norte Perú Students Develop Joint Solar Energy System for Campuses

Engineering students at the Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) and Universidad Privada del Norte collaborated to develop a solar energy cooling system for university campuses. The system is designed to supply and control the refrigeration systems of different campus areas including IT centers, libraries, archives, classrooms, offices, and service areas such as cafeterias and health facilities.

The system generates electrical energy from photovoltaic cells captured in a ventilation system, using a microprocessor temperature control to indicates when a refrigeration equipment starts activity related to temperature and LCD screen.

The project was developed under the joint advisory of faculty members Yamil Zenefelder Minez (UPN) and Jorge Ojeda Mejía (UVM) who served as mentors to the 15 students from both institutions who participated in the research and development process. Alternative and renewable energy projects are more relevant than ever given the excessive use of fossil fuels and the elevated monetary and environmental costs associated with energy production.

“We use a multidisciplinary approach in working with other Laureate universities to integrate academics and students to create a global network that generates tangible benefits to society by proposing solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges,”

said UVM Professor Jorge Ojeda.