Universidad de Las Américas Students and Faculty Win Scholarships for International Studies

Professors Marcelo Robles and Ester Villagrán both received scholarships for young professors and researchers, which will allow them each to spend two months in Peru and Spain. Students Marjorie González, Ana Ramírez, Jonathan Mundaca, Marlene Ramírez and Ítalo Pérez also won undergraduate student scholarships that will allow them to spend an academic semester abroad at the university of their choice.

Rector Pilar Armanet congratulated the winners and urged them to take full advantage of this great opportunity. “I am grateful to Cristián Lopicich and the rest of the team here today for working with us on this program that promotes intercultural exchange, which is a vital element in the development of 21st century professionals. I wish you all the best of luck with this amazing opportunity that you have and encourage you to take full advantage of it, both for your continued development but also so you can share what you learn and experience with your fellow students and professors upon your return.”

At the same time, the general director of Santander Universities and Institutions, Cristian Lopicich, added “I hope you all have an extraordinary international experience. I would like to thank the university and its leadership for giving us this opportunity to be here with you today and witness this first hand.”

Pérez, a law student, confirmed the value of the opportunity provided by the scholarship indicating that “this opportunity brings, without question, the requirement to continue to focus on academic excellence and personal development. The students and professors who have earned this opportunity are grateful to our peers, professors and the university for making this a reality for us.”