Universidad de Las Américas is Accredited for Three Years

On Mar. 16, the National Accreditation Commission of Chile (la Comisión Nacional de Acreditación – CNA) informed the leadership of Universidad de Las Américas (UDLA) that the university had received three years of accreditation.

With this confirmation, the CNA recognizes that the university adequately complies with the agency’s standards for institutional accreditation.

The process of earning accreditation, which lasted two years, was a large and exhaustive project that required, among other things: the expansion of the university’s educational model, the strengthening of the university’s integrated student support system, the strengthening of resources to support faculty development, the creation of an area focused on research, and a plan for earning programmatic accreditation, which has already led to this important recognition for 25 different degree programs. The full university community participated in this process: teachers, students, alumni, and other supporters.

This important achievement will also allow the university’s new and re-enrolling students to access the State Guaranteed Credit (Crédito con Aval del Estado – CAE) and government scholarships through Mar. 21.

UDLA is focused on high quality education and continuous improvement, and will continue to work on the items highlighted in the improvement plan that is part of the self-assessment report.