Universidad Andrés Bello’s Clinical Simulation Center Will Host American Heart Association Workshop

Aiming to support the development of health sciences professionals, Universidad Andrés Bello’s school of medicine opened one of the largest and most modern clinical simulation centers in Chile in 2010. Now, the center welcomes a partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA), an international network that supports skill development and training in cardiovascular emergencies, which will allow UNAB to train and certify professionals in CPR.

“The American Heart Association (AHA) brings the most up to date practices and techniques in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The AHA has a network of international training centers that allow them to bring their work to more places around the world,” explains Marcela Imbarack, coordinator of UNAB’s clinical simulation center.

“Science and quality are two of UNAB’s institutional strengths and are the reason we decided to join this prestigious international training network. Our goal is to continue to reduce the number of deaths from cardiovascular sicknesses in our country,”

she added.

With this certification, UNAB can deliver programs in CPR and deliver the AHA certification. According to Imbarack, “to be an international training center brings us the opportunity to develop courses in our university and support the development of our own students through top notch training that will differentiate them from the competition.” 

Additionally, UNAB can deliver these classes to members of the university and to different medical centers located throughout the country, further contributing to the university’s support of local communities.