Universidad Andrés Bello Students Win Santander Scholarship to Study Abroad

A group of 15 students from Universidad Andrés Bello won Santander scholarships to study abroad. Thousands of students from throughout the region apply for this prestigious scholarship each year to earn the opportunity to learn about new cultures and earn an international perspective.

The students that won the scholarships are Oscar Aguayo, Angarad Bustamante, Margarita Salinas, Constanza Cartagena, Carolina Aravena, Camila Iriarte, Javiera Bielenberg, Mackarena Concha, Camila Espinoza, Camila Heyen, Roxana Sepúlveda, Margaret Ceballos, Pedro Riquelme, Nancy Miranda and Rodrigo Quezada. Each student received 2.3 million CLP (approximately $4,000 USD) to cover academic and living costs while they complete their experience in another Latin American university of their choice.

The award ceremony took place at UNAB’s Bellavista campus and was attended by Rector Pedro Uribe Jackson; Cristian Lopicich, from Santander Universities and Institutions; Francisco Santelices, UNAB’s director of international programs and Luz Angélica Muñoz, dean of UNAB’s nursing school, among many others.

“In our mission statement we state that we want to provide a quality education that provides a global perspective. Today we are reaching part of that mission and seeing dreams come true. You all will have experiences that will allow you to learn about other cultures and societies that will enrich your lives,”

said Uribe.

“It was a dream since I started at university. It looked so far away, but little by little it got closer and closer, which I don’t think would have been possible without the support that UNAB provided, through my professors and program directors, as well as that from my family,” said Nancy Miranda, kinesiology student from UNAB’s Concepción campus. The young student added, “I go forth full of hope and expectations, with the desire to take full advantage of this opportunity. This is an important period of personal and professional growth for me as I leave my friends and family for six months.”

Santander Universities International Mobility Program in Chile seeks to support the continued development of students with strong academic backgrounds that have completed three years of university studies to earn a global perspective and help Chile become better integrated in the region and the world.