Universidad Andrés Bello Recognizes Sir Richard Roberts with an Honorary Doctoral Degree

Dr. Pedro Uribe Jackson, the rector of Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB), and the academic leadership of the university have recognized Sir Richard J. Roberts Ph.D., an esteemed biochemical researcher and recipient of the 1993 Nobel Prize in medicine with an honorary doctoral degree. 

The degree was presented during an award ceremony that took place in the Dr. José María Aznar auditorium. During the ceremony, rector Dr. Pedro Uribe Jackson conferred the degree. “Delivering an honorary doctoral degree is very important for us and shows the tradition we have been building as a university throughout our entire history. We deliver this distinction to Sir Richard Roberts for his contributions to science and scientific research,” said Dr. Uribe.

During the ceremony, Sir Richard Roberts shared an overview of his work and discussed key issues such as public health policy, the role of transnational policies in national growth, and the eradication of sicknesses related to hunger and dietary deficiencies. “Medicine is becoming very expensive. We have sophisticated diagnosis and treatment systems that are not very accessible, whereas we need a system that is practical and satisfies the needs at the lowest cost,” he stated.

Sir Richard Roberts received the Nobel Prize in medicine, the most important international recognition in arts and science, for his work on the human genome. His work has radically expanded knowledge of genes and evolution.