Universidad Andrés Bello Receives Most Applications in the Common Admissions System

In its third year participating in the Common Admissions System (Demre), University Andrés Bello received the most student applications out of all universities in the country and was named the top choice by a majority of students. UNAB also outperformed the traditional universities in the 70 programs taught at its campuses in Santiago, Viña del Mar and Concepción.

UNAB is one of 33 institutions that participate in the Common Admissions System. The university received a total of 11,305 applications, compared to 10,256 from Universidad de Chile. 8,411 students marked UNAB as their first choice, 1,250 students more than in 2013.

According to Carlos Mujica, UNAB’s academic vice chancellor, the goal of the university is to enroll students in an innovative educational project that prepares them for professional success: “We have more than 30,000 graduates and employment rates of recent graduates at six months after graduation are around 90%. We have a strong relationship with our community and are focused on social responsibility and disseminating culture and science, which is also a very distinctive element of our university. In addition, the university is between sixth and seventh places in scientific productivity among all universities in the country,” explains Dr. Mujica.

In terms of PSU results, UNAB recorded a total of 6,581 scores above 600 and 2,252 weighted scores over 650 points. The degree programs with the highest number of applicants in 2014 were nursing, psychology, commercial engineering, medical technology and kinesiology.