Universidad Andrés Bello Plays Vital Role in Supporting the Victims of the Valparaíso Fire

With more than 2,000 volunteers, the Universidad Andrés Bello community showed its commitment to helping the thousands of people impacted by the historic Valparaíso fire that destroyed 850 hectares and more than two thousand homes in the region.

The students worked to gather clothing, food, and other resources for the families directly impacted by the fire. The university’s campus on Quillota Street was the largest support center in the city of Viña del Mar. 

Many members of the UNAB community went to work directly in the parts of the region touched by the fires, handing out resources, lending a hand to help clean up and helping to console those who lost so much. Students participated in the regional coordination meetings with other universities and the government. Students from all degree programs participated in one form or another, especially those in health sciences and legal studies. Members of the UNAB community also helped distribute materials that are needed to begin reconstruction, using more than 60 of the university’s vehicles. They also handed out toys and comic books to area youth.

This response shows the strong commitment of the entire UNAB community: students, faculty and staff. The president of the Student Federation, Enrique Orrego, especially thanked Vice-Rector of the VIña del Mar Campus, Rolando Kelly, “You, Don Rolando, not only have our admiration, but that of all the volunteers that worked with us over the last days, for everything you have done to support our work, we thank you,” said the student leader.