Universidad Andrés Bello hosts MeetLatam 2014 and Inaugurates Entrepreneurship Academy

The MeetLatam event was created to promote entrepreneurship in Latin America. During the 2014 meeting in Santiago, leading entrepreneurs delivered a number of talks and workshops at Universidad Andrés Bello’s República, Bellavista, Casona de Las Condes and Viña del Mar campuses. 

During the event, UNAB inaugurated the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship through its school of engineering. According to Hernán Orellana, the dean of the School of Engineering, “the entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to innovate are crucial elements in the development of the engineers of the 21st century.” During the inaugural ceremony, MeetLatam signed an agreement with the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to work together to recognize and support entrepreneurs.

Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar, and Andrew McCollum, cofounder of Facebook, delivered presentations at UNAB’s República campus. Robin Chase advised students that to be successful requires persistence and recommended team work. “The most difficult thing about being an entrepreneur is to transform an idea into a reality,” Chase added. 

Bill Tai, a well-known Silicon Valley investor, and Joan Lyman, director of Springboard, also spoke with students at UNAB’s Bellavista campus. 

Kai Huang, former CEO of RedOctane, and Ingrid Vandervelt, entrepreneur in residence at Dell, visited UNAB’s Casona de Las Condes campus.