UNITEC Mexico Offers Free Medical Services to Diabetes Patients - Laureate

UNITEC Mexico Offers Free Medical Services to Diabetes Patients

UNITEC Mexico Campus Marina recently held its fourth annual “Living a Full Life with Diabetes” event, which focuses on providing free medical and education services to patients with diabetes. Over 150 Health Sciences students provided free specialized medical and education services to over 200 diabetes patients in the areas of general care, nutrition, dental health, and physical therapy.

Nursing students took vital signs and showed patients how to properly monitor their glucose levels and apply insulin, while nutrition students calculated the body mass index of patients to prepare personalized meal plans. The students also provided dental cleaning and emergency services as well as physical therapy services to educate patients on special care and exercises needed for the adequate treatment of diabetic foot, a frequent cause of lesions and nerve damage. UNITEC partnered with other health care institutions that also offered free services during the event.

“This event does not only benefit patients,” said Dr. Javier García, director of the UNITEC School of Dentistry. “It also helps students have closer contact with the population and awaken their desire to serve their fellow man,”

added Dr. García.

“Diabetes is one of the main diseases affecting Mexican society and it is important to create a culture of prevention and raise awareness. Volunteer service makes you more aware, but seeing a patient’s progress is what fills me with joy and makes we want to continue in this journey,”

said physical therapy student, Elizabeth Fuentes.

Educating students with a commitment to service in their communities is at the core of the Here for Good mission. UNITEC Mexico is a wonderful example of how a university that serves its community can help people and transform communities.