UNITEC Medical Program Students Win Top Awards at Annual Science Conference

For the first time, students from Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC) were invited to participate in the Annual Morphological Conference hosted by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras. 

Nine UNITEC students presented projects at the conference, and were recognized as among the best at the conference. The students were accompanied by professors Dr. Glenda Alemán, Dr. Guillermo Núñez, Dr. Lorenzo Pavón, Dr. Ariel González, Dr. William Bracamonte and the program coordinator Dr. Jessy Mariel Escobar.

Following a review of the projects and a detailed question session, professors from throughout the country recognized the following students for their work:

  • First prize in macroscopic anatomy: María Eugenia Sánchez and Burke Merren for their project “Anatomy of the eye” 
  • First prize in Neuroanatomy: Alejandra Lara and Orfilia Moncada for their project “Structure and function of the human brain” 
  • Second prize in Neuroanatomy: Maryuri Castellón, María José Rodríguez and María Ester Montes for their project “Sensitive homunculus” 
  • Third prize in Neuroanatomy: Ivonne Flores and Ivonne López Escobar for their project “Mental games”