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UniRitter: Committed to Improving its Social and Environmental Performance

Being a B Corp means that Laureate and its institutions work hard to achieve and improve upon the highest standards of environmental and social performance to benefit students and society as a whole. Under this guiding principle, UniRitter developed and implemented a series of actions focused on creating value for the institution’s students and community.

One of the most successful strategies implemented by UniRitter was the creation of advisory committees to strengthen community outreach and create opportunities for students. These groups were instrumental for the success of initiatives, such as the following:

  • A study of the community environment which served as the foundation for a new Environmental Education Policy;
  • New partnerships with institutions such as the Higher Education Forum of Porto Alegre promoting teaching, research, and outreach projects, and the DUX inspiring Leadership program which seeks to empower youth through entrepreneurship;
  • Eco Educators Project to encourage environmental awareness and education;
  • And the active expansion of programs to help low-income students to access quality higher education at UniRitter.

In terms of environmental performance, UniRitter established an evaluation of the sustainable practices of its services and products of its main suppliers. Environmental improvement strategies included sustainable changes such as the replacement of incandescent lights to LED devices, incorporating green construction practices for the construction of new laboratories and facilities, and waste management.

The active participation and communication with students, faculty, and community members was a key factor for UniRitter’s remarkable progress. To learn more about UniRitter’s B Corp journey, please contact Evandro Caletti, UniRitter B Corp and Communications Coordinator at evandro_caletti_@laureate.com.br.