UniRitter Breaks Records at Bridge Competition

UniRitter held the fourth Spaghetti Bridge Competition this week during their Engineering Week, and set the state record. 

A bridge built by UniRitter’s mechanical engineering students took 163.3 kg, far surpassing the 78.9 kg that was achieved in the previous edition and also the regional record. “This project demonstrates the quality of our students and UniRitter’s constant pursuit of innovation,” said professor of mechanical engineering Octavian Luis Talgatti, who organizes the competition. 

Twelve teams designed bridges constructed of only spaghetti and glue. To test the strength of the bridges, weights were added to the student creations during the competition. “We learned during classes how to build a sturdier bridge,” said student Marcelo Fernandes Martinelli, a member of the winning team. 

Professor Talgatti founded the competition in 2012 to test the theoretical knowledge of students through practical and hands-on exercises. In the first edition of the competition, the best bridge reached a load of 22kg. “This demonstrates the evolution of engineering projects developed by UniRitter’s students,” said Talgatti.