UniNorte Students and Faculty Recognized at the Amazon Advertising Festival

The winners of the Third Amazon Advertising Festival were recognized at a special event at the Emilio Moreira Center. There were two categories (academic and professional) of awards given for the following categories campaign, print, TV, radio, outdoor media, alternative media, digital media and design. The top three finishers in each event received the Jaguar trophy (gold, silver and bronze).

The Amazon Advertising Festival included lectures, roundtables and workshops, for professionals and students engaged in advertising, journalism, radio, TV, internet and design. The festival was sponsored by the School of Communication at Centro Universitário do Norte (UniNorte) with assistance from the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Amazonas (FAPEAM).

One of the winners of the evening was Jaqueline Santos, a student in UniNorte’s advertising program, who took first place in radio category. She also won the 2014 Regional Intercom and explained that she was able to win these awards by putting the concepts she has learned in the classroom to work.

The coordinator of UniNorte’s Communication program, Gustavo Soranz, explained that they created the festival to showcase advertising professionals in the state of Amazonas. “We found discussions, presentations and workshops were a good way to promote interaction between professionals and students in the field of advertising,” he says.

List of winners:

Category: Television
Title: Amigo de verdade adiciona no Face
Team: Bruno Lopes, Rose Fonseca, Hélio Neto (UniNorte)

Category: Campaign
Title: Todo mundo ama nosso peixe
Team: Marcelo Acordi, Erlan Bindá, Natália Monteiro Lima, Gabrielly Furtado, Roseane Fonseca (UniNorte).

Category: Alternative media
Title: Não posso ver, mas posso sentir
Team: Andrey Matos, Luana Simas (UniNorte)

Category: Outdoor media
Title: Amigo de verdade adiciona no Face
Team: Bruno Lopes, Rose Fonseca, Hélio Neto (UniNorte)

Category: Radio
Title: Parceria
Team: Jaqueline Santos (UniNorte)