UniNorte Opens Selection Process For Incubator Program

Centro Universitário do Norte (UniNorte) has opened the selection process to identify the new businesses that will participate in the institution’s Pre-Incubator and Incubator programs at UniNorte Empreende. The launch of the selection process took place on May 27, during the inauguration of the Entrepreneurship Center and Center for Innovation and Technology (Inovatec) at UniNorte.

The Pre-Incubator program is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs, individuals or groups, through the process of creating a business plan and launching an initiative. The Incubator program is focused on providing support to small private businesses that are already operational and looking to establish themselves in the market. The program has six openings, and the selection process for both initiatives is open to the public. Interested parties can find the application materials at the event website.

The inauguration of UniNorte Empreende and Inovatec are part of the work the university is undertaking to promote and support entrepreneurship among its students and members of the community. “We are going to continue to invest in the development of our young people. These young people are creating the ideas that will shape our tomorrow,” said Marcelo Medeiros, general director of UniNorte.

For Rector Vicente Nogueira, the inauguration of the two centers will lead to the creation of new ideas that will lead to actions. “It is a framework that is going to help them focus their ideas and contribute to their continued development,” he said.

Thomaz Nogueira, secretary of planning, development, technology and innovation for the state of Amazonas, congratulated the leadership of the university for the initiative and highlighted that it is centers like these that will write the future of the region and the country.