UNIFACS Students Recognized for Their Work to Support the World Cup

UNIFACS students were recognized with internship completion certificates for their work with Host Broadcast Services (HBS), the company responsible for transmitting the World Cup. The students were selected to participate in the internship through a competitive selection process by the company and are enrolled in programs in communication, marketing, electrical engineering, public relations, psychology and journalism.

Paulo Victor Rocha, an advertising student, was one of the selected students. He said participating in this was one of the most important and transformative events of his life. “It was so interesting to see how everything worked and how all these different people with different backgrounds and skills collaborate to bring such a large global event to the world. It was really incredible,” he said.

In addition to Paulo, Gabriela Cotrim David (psychology), Jonathan Rosa Gomes (electrical engineering), Nerisson Freitas Dias (electrical engineering), Rafael Gantois Santos (electrical engineering), Gabriela Patrocínio (public relations) and Ana Carolina Mota Santana (communication and marketing), were recognized.