UNIFACS Students Earn Internships in Scientific Research at Hospital São Rafael - Laureate

UNIFACS Students Earn Internships in Scientific Research at Hospital São Rafael

In August, three students from the physiotherapy program at Universidade Salvador (UNIFACS) will begin an intensive internship program in scientific research at Hospital São Rafael. Bruna Silva, Igor Pereira Cunha and Adriano Cerqueira da Silva earned three of the 10 openings available in this special program offered by the hospital. The students will participate alongside students in medicine, nursing and nutrition from other universities.

The successful outcome was the result of work that has been underway at the university during the last several semesters between Professor Viviane Rech and course coordinator Thelso Silva. “It is so gratifying to have three of our leading students accepted into a program of this caliber,” said Rech. “This outcome shows us that it is worth providing our students with more than just their course content. We must also focus on providing our students with critical thinking skills, a larger scientific vision, ethics, and a focus on giving back to society. We now need to take the next steps to develop these activities so more of our students can earn opportunities like this.” 

Silva gives credit to the success of her group. “I have no doubt that our course research has helped us earn this opportunity. I am so happy with the outcome and have very large expectations regarding the impact this will have on my future,” she said. Being selected for the program will also open new professional opportunities for the students. “This is another step for my life and will help me transition from being a student to a professional. The experiences we have here will help us develop the necessary skills that we’ll utilize in the health sciences field,” said Pereira. 

Cerqueira da Silva is also planning to take full advantage of the experience. “I think that this experience will add a lot to me and my professional trajectory because it will show what I have learned as well as enhance my resume.” The program will last for 12 months, continuing through July 31, 2016. Participating in the program will strengthen the students organizational skills as they will participate in the program while continuing their studies.